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Hi there! My name is Faith.

I am an artist and instructor based in Northwest Arkansas. I grew up surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of the Ozarks.  At an early age I fell in love with the fresh air and freedom of being outdoors, so I spent most of my childhood outside in the woods and fields of my family’s farm. Today, most of my inspiration comes from nature, and I strive to incorporate its wonderful lines, colors, and textures into ceramic vessels that can be used and enjoyed in the home.

My goal as a creator is to bring a little joy into everyday doings, to add a little comfort to those small moments we normally don’t give much thought. It’s a wonderful thing when we love the objects and tools we use every day.

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Local Shops

My online shop is under construction, but a selection of my work can be found in these local businesses and museums in Arkansas.

Crystal Bridges Museum Store

Bentonville, AR

Weathered Goods

Fayetteville, AR

Historic Arkansas Museum

Little Rock, AR

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Community Partners

I love collaborating with local artists and businesses to create something extra special. Here’s who I’ve been working with lately!


Upcoming Shows & Events

Keep a look out for my upcoming shows & events for Fall 2019 here!


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My Story

I first started working with clay while I was in college at Arkansas Tech University. I fell in love with the earthy, silky feeling of the clay slipping through my hands on the pottery wheel, and I’ve been throwing ever since. After graduation, I spent some time as an apprentice to Becki and David Dahlstedt in Mountain View, AR, before moving back to Northwest Arkansas to manage the art and clay studios for Community Creative Center in Fayetteville. During the years I worked for CCC, I was also able to program and teach an abundance of adult and youth classes in a variety of media.

Teaching is still one of my favorite things to do. It’s a joy and an honor to be able to connect with students and pass down the knowledge that was passed down to me by my previous mentors years ago.


The pieces with the detailed leaf design are done with a process called sgraffito. First, a solid field of colored slip or underglaze is painted over the entire piece. I then use a sharp tool to carve out the design and reveal the white porcelain underneath.

When I was working primarily with 2D materials in college, my favorite methods were reductive in nature—as in, I work better when I’m taking something away rather than adding to it. I was particularly fond of block printing. I was drawn to its linear quality and high-contrast results, and I enjoyed the process of carving the block itself. When I figured out I could carve into clay too, it seemed like a natural fit. So I’ve been carving into my pieces as long as I’ve been throwing, but the process and design reflect my style as a 2D artist as well.


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Most of my work is made out of mid-fire porcelain, but I sometimes also use a buff stoneware. All of my work is fired to full vitrification at Cone 6 (2232 degrees Fahrenheit).

I mix all of my glazes from dry materials of the highest quality. All of my glazes are lead-free and made to last through daily use. All of my current work is suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher.

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